John Doukas

Works in Orange County,
Los Angeles, and anywhere in the world


Location: Los Angeles and Orange County based, but loves to travel

Shoots: Portraits, Products, Food, Weddings, Events, and Commercial Photography

Strengths: Photography, Brand Identity, Social Media Campaigns, Marketing


John Doukas was born in Torrance, CA, and raised in Orange County. Whether it's been through music, painting, literature, or film, John has always involved with art, both in creating and experience. John loves exploration, meeting new people, sharing what he sees or hears, along with taking in a Dodgers game. What he has found to be profound, is that to be a photographer, requires immersion or contact with a subject. John treats every project and event as though he were shooting for National Geographic. Integrity in work is a foundation of John Doukas Photography.

Working for over a decade as an in-house photographer for a company named SureFire, John learned hard and fast to always push for top-notch quality photos. Working with a creative team, John has learned the value of collaborating, but also taking risks in experimenting with new creative ideas. John brings that experience and effort to all projects. From portraits, products, events, John has worked to treat everything to be in the spotlight.  


Charles Peterson, Ansel Adams, Rembrandt, Ichiro Nagata, punk rock, Nirvana, the Melvins, Beethoven, John's parents, Michael Jordan, Martin Luther King Jr., photojournalism, Mother Teresa, the Three Stooges, Groucho, Jesus The Christ



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