Israel Countdown

Hi everyone. Well, the day is fast approaching. On March 21st (God willing), I will be setting out for a two week trip to Israel. Two years ago I got to go with my church on a tour and it was an awesome trip. I fell even more in love with Israel. Since then, I've been wanting to go back and see more and, get to do some ministry, but didn't know when or how that would be. Shortly after the first trip, some of the tour group started an Israel prayer group and I joined. It's been a great place to pray or Israel (duh!) and share what I feel God has put on my heart towards Israel and Jews. The group has become a family to me (Mark 10:29-30) and has been a huge encouragement.

After the first trip, I learned about some worker programs that let you stay for free, in exchange for work of course. You can work at hotels, restaurants, and farms. When I saw the farm listing, it made me think of Napolean Dynomite and the chicken coup. After more research, I found they mostly require a commitment of time, in the three to six month range. That sounded like a huge life change (captain obvious) and decided to keep that as a prayer request.

The urge to go kept growing, but I wasn't sure about what or how. Many thoughts raced through my head. "Do I quit my job and go for six months? Am I just being crazy? What about my homegroup? Family? Friends? God, will You please speak on this? Is this from You?" I also had some dreams that also caused me to seek out God on this more. In one dream, I was exiting the plane similar to my first trip, but I was allowed to go no further. Then I heard a voice say for me not to go again as a tourist.  Then I told a couple of friends from homegroup about my intention to visit Israel again, and they suggested for me to test the waters. Something God spoke to me at the end of the first trip was "You're allowed to live. Come out of the grave. Shine your light!" This became a reminder to me to step out. I was wondering if it would be displeasing to God to go without His direct say so. Then the thought occurred that maybe the desire in my heart was His say so. Then I told a friend at the Israel prayer group and he suggested for me to contact some folks he knows in Israel, and that I did. They found out I'm a photographer and offered me a place to stay in exchange for some photo work. That sounded exciting and so I took the offer. Then another friend of mine named Red, who has a house in Jerusalem, connected me with a ministry house there.

I don't exactly know what I will be doing there, but I'm open to God. I believe He's given me an open door to all of this and so I want to enter with Him. I love the Jewish people and I know without a doubt that God loves them even more. I believe it's His desire to share His Son with them and I want to join with Him in that.

So, for now, I'm just praying for clarity of vision, for boldness, humility, and a little fun during the time I am there. Of course I will also have my camera in hand and I will try my best to pass along some photos and videos on this blog.

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