Hi everyone. After a long day of walking my legs off in Tel Aviv, I am now in Jerusalem. But before telling you about Jerusalem, I wanted to share really quick about Tel Aviv. During my first full day there, I found myself early in the morning walking in the Old Joppa (refered to as Yafa by the locals). I walked up and down the boardwalk snapping photos of beach scenes. I felt a little discouraged at first because my suitcase had not arrived yet and I started a bit late in the morning. The sun was already high in the sky and the lighting wasn't great. But after some time in prayer, God gave me the encouragement to press on and to not be shy. With His encouragement, I found myself meeting some people for some quick snaps of photos. After walking about seven miles, I found myself lamenting not having my real shoes and my suitcase. Later in the evening I was scheduled to do a portrait session with a woman in Old City Joppa, and my feet were killing me. My sandals aren't the long distance kind. I returned to Beit Immanuel for a short rest before the portrait session and found out the airport had called to say they found my suitcase and would deliver it. Thank You God! My time for posting is short right now, but I hope to find an internet connection later and tell you of some fun I'm having in Jerusalem, including a free motorcycle ride, and an open air market. Here's some pictures to tide over for now (my suitcase arrived late last night).

Around noon today I began to head for Jerusalem on a bus. After arriving at the Central Bus Station, I quickly found myself in my usual state of confusion in trying to find out which bus to take to my stay in Jerusalem. After playing ping pong with a couple of buses, I was assured by the last driver that this last stop was near to where I needed to go.  Turns out that near to him meant three miles near. A quick prayer of "please help me Lord", and I was on my way.I began to walk in the general direction and came across a fellow on the street. I asked him for directions and he offered a free ride on the back of his motorcycle. After feeling a bit nervous about that, I hopped on and he took me right where I needed to go. I learned a new exclamation "Toda Hashem!", which means "Thanks to God (or thanks to His name)"

That's it for now...Shalom!