Counting the days


flags Hello. In just a few days, I will be making a long trek to Jordan. It's been a bit of a blur in the recent weeks, being invited to go on a trip with my friend's charity. He began talking about his charity taking medical supplies to Lebanon and it piqued my interest. They would be delivering medical supplies to refugee (Syrian refugees) in both Jordan and Lebanon. Figuring the group could use a photographer, I jumped up at the possibility of going. Problem was, I had no money and the trip was only a few weeks away. So, we put it to prayer. I found a website called and a lot of friends donated to help me go. So in just over a week, the finances were gathered and I had my tickets and passport. I've gotten to see the general itinerary and it looks like we will get to go to some interesting places. Now I'm just trying to pack my bags accordingly to have the right camera gear and stay fairly light. I'll start posting images once we get there. Follow along!