A King in Germany

After a 10 hour layover in Toronto, in which I spent most of it walking their downtown, I was quite tired. Literally as soon as we boarded for Frankfurt, did I konk out in my seat. The flight was 7 hours, but I only slept for 3. I'm not sure if that is more long than interesting to say, but I'm now in Germany on an 8 hour layover. To be honest, I'm about to board to fly to Amman in Jordan. I've spent the last few hours learning the Frankfurt train system, of which I must say is awesome. When I arrived in Frankfurt, honestly I was a bit grumpy from a lack of sleep. After getting some breakfast, I googled places of interest around town. I found a Martin Luther King park on the map. Problem was, I had no idea how to get there. I found myself in my usual "I'm lost, I can't speak the language beyond hello and poop, and yeah, I need help sort of feeling". From here I found out that Germans are pretty friendly, even with my lack language. I only get 30 minutes free for wi-fi, so i should go. It was rainy, so I thought black and white would help the feel of the mood.