Welcome to Jordan

So today was a bit off. After getting to Jordan at around 2:30am, I was picked up by a taxi driver the hotel had arranged. It was my first time to walk out of an airport terminal and see someone holding a sign with my name on it. It actually felt exciting. Then, he said the ride would cost 30 Jordanian dinar, and my excitement faded... :) After getting to the hotel, I quickly found the shower and thought I would sleep right away. Well, by the time I got into bed it was close to 5am, and I just could not sleep. Then the sun started coming out and it wasn't happening. After catching up a bit, I decided (since it was almost 8 now), it's time for breakfast. Good Lord! They had a simple but good buffet with middle eastern goodies. Yes did I have cheese. Yes did I have cucumbers and tomatoes. Yes did I have yogurt with honey. Yes I went for seconds and thirds. In the middle there was a steaming metal container of some kind, standing tall and sort of cone shaped. At the top I could see a handle to a ladle. I found some kind of bean-stew mushy stuff. It tasted pretty good. So, I ate and did some reading. Then all of a sudden the sleepiness hit me and so I went back to bed. It was only 9am, so I set my alarm to wake up at 11, to go for a walk or something. At 2pm, one of the guys from the group (John Ditty) entered the room and startled me awake. After getting settled, we trekked out a bit to find lunch. We found a local market of sorts with groceries and a food court. Oh my was it cheap and good. Maybe $2 for rosemary leg (the whole leg) of chicken and a pile of barley (and no, I didn't eat all of it thanks to some help...but it was dang good), which was a tasty deal. After coming back and sort of going in and out of nodding off, it was time for dinner. We ventured out again, but going on an opposite direction. We (by we I mean I) found a music shop with a bunch of guitars. The guy inside let me play a bit and even snapped my photo. With the people we have met here so far, I gotta say it's pretty friendly place. My Arabic is quite limited, but I've learned to say thank you...ShooKran!

After walking a couple miles and having a small but good dinner, I'm ready to pass out. Tomorrow the rest of the team should be arriving and we will be going out to some places, one possibly being a refugee camp. I'm not sure what to expect there.