Putting on a Clinic

Amman Jordan is a huge city. The whole population of Jordan is over 6 million, while over 3 million are in Amman. After a couple of days, a question on my mind was "how does anyone make an impact?" Yesterday went to a clinic hosted by a local church. They see about 60 people a day, adults and children. It's open to people of all backgrounds and is helping teach the locals of nutrition, hygiene, and getting medical help when needed. We weren't there for very long, but it was great to see children and women getting helped. One woman who was from Syria, she told us her story of how her neighborhood has been destroyed and how life in Jordan has been a blessing. She especially appreciated the clinic too. A man named Yousef, who is the overseer of the clinic showed us around. It was touching as he was giving the tour, when a woman in the waiting room came up, and he took the time to listen to her. It showed me how they're actually caring for the folks who come through their door. All of the medical supplies they use come from donations and charity groups. Today we are taking off for Lebanon for a few days. See ya from there!