Lunch with the Arch-Bishop

The group I'm with, they had a lunch meeting with an Arch-bishop in Lebanon. He's in charge of a large area and something he's gifted with and has a heart for, is reaching out to all around. There are outreaches to many locals to help, be they Christian or Muslim. It was actually a lot of fun to meet the bishop and another priest there at the monastery. They gave us a tour around, provided an awesome yet humble lunch, and just spoke with us. After, we got to meet some of the families in his area and hear their stories. They are from Syria and are finding refuge in Lebanon. One young boy, in a family who's home was destroyed, had to walk across ten dead bodies to get out quickly. To process and communicate that, he drew a picture of it. Another lady we met, she lost family members to the civil war. She and others came to live with cousins. They each shared their story and they were all similar...our house is gone and so are some of our family members. Now they share a small space where they all have to work to just get by.