Lions and Tigers, no bears


Recently I was browsing through some photos and I came across some from a few months ago.   For a couple of years, I've had an interest to someday do portraits of a lion, up close and personal. So much so, I looked into the possibility of renting a lion from a place near hollywood, but it was pretty expensive.  That dream took a backseat, until recently. 

A few months ago, a friend of mine asked me if I would be interested in visiting a lion, and I gave a spirited, "heck yes!" The details seemed fuzzy, but all I heard was, "visit, lion, camera, two days from now." Two days went by, slowly.

Turns out, there is a place (I'm sworn not to say where) where exotic animals are rescued and raised. They had both a white tiger cub and a white lion cub. We were allowed to come visit and see them up close. 

As we got there, the lion cub was roaming around in its area. It's a white lion, which is rare (I never knew before that there WERE white lions). We entered its area, guided by the lion-keeper. Keeping a nervous distance, I watched it play around with a giant ball. It was a 10-month old cub, and it was huge. It would run by, playfully, and I would duck out of the way. Eventually I became comfortable enough to get close. We weren't allowed to pet it, and that was ok by me. It was fun to just watch.

A little bit later, we went into a house where the baby white tiger was at. There was a group already there, and we each got to take turns holding it. It was amazing how much it was like a house cat, and yet it was a tiger. It was big, at only a couple months old. It didn't meow, but gave tiny roars. It would be cool to hear it when full grown. 

On the way back outside, we saw a wolf out where the lion had been. We went in there and found the wolf to be quite friendly. 

All in all it was a fun experience and I was glad to be able to go and see.