Hi again. I'm sitting outside of a church waiting for it open after an afternoon siesta. The church is the Basilica di Santa Maria deli Angeli. It's where the city Los Angeles got its name from.  It's interesting (at least I think so!😉) because it's also a place called the Porziuncola. If I remember correctly, it's where St Francis died. But also, it used to be a house for lepers, and Francis used to come with his brother Friars to bathe them. At the time, the area was a bit of a swampland and I'm guessing not a fun place to be. Now, it's a marvelous looking Basilica. Next to me are two armed military guards providing public security. 

Wondering Aloud

Thinking out loud here, in honesty, seeing the present makes me curious about the past. With Christian monuments, I'm guessing it's a place to honor and remember good things that the people/church of God has done. Scripture says, "for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose." - Philippians 2:13. With that, I wonder if the monuments change things.  When I hear this was a place for lepers, meaning a place to keep them away from sight of the city, I'm curious about the humble reality. Serving a community of lepers doesn't take place in a palace. 

Anyway, as I wait to enter, in light of the monument, I want to ask what is here. May I serve along with the Christian history here.