When Evil Wins...


(just a heads up...there's talk about Jesus) Looking at recent events, there seems to be an old theme that surfaces. Seemingly out of nowhere, in the midst of the normal hustle and bustle of life, evil shows up and kills innocent people. From the random individual killings in the street to the mass shootings, we become shocked. In the aftermath, we are left with the wonderings of why it happened. People call out with offerings of condolences in thoughts and prayer. The honest question is, at least for me, did evil win? Did God lose? Is there a reason to pray after the fact?

Has evil won?

It's hard to know or understand why someone would walk into a crowded place and kill indiscriminately. Be it for religious, political, or just plain cookoo reasons, they think they're serving some kind of ideology that says what they're doing is for a greater worth than their life. Whether they survive or not doesn't seem to be the goal. If their goal is to kill and send their message through it, it seems to me they succeeded. Or if they have backers organizing them to do what they do, the backers survive and proceed with whatever their goal is. Regardless, it seems to me their mission is accomplished and all the kumbayas and public speeches seem to be waste of time. At least, those are my honest thoughts. But, has evil won?

Evil Seeks

At these occasions, which sadly there are plenty of, we are given a choice in how we will respond and react. We can be angry, hurt, dismayed, all of which are normal and likely right feelings. Often in it we are given a time to see who we really are. What I understand evil as being is that evil


to kill and destroy. Seeking to me isn't just someone looking around passively, but actively looking for something with a goal in mind. If evil seeks to kill and destroy, what am I seeking?

Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour

Turning Point

When (not if, but when) we are confronted with evil, what is to be done? If evil seeks for me, what do I


? Prior to being confronted with evil, it seems like life is business as usual. I go about my life, working, being with friends, helping where I can, and just trying to enjoy each day. My example of life is to try and follow Jesus Christ. He set a very high bar of life, but I see it as good, noble, and worth seeking. In Jesus, I see the value of trying to be an agent of good towards others, not seeking their downfall, but seeking their uplift. When evil comes, evil hurts. It seeks to devour me. My inclination is to repay evil with what evil has done, with equal and admittedly more force. You hurt me, so I'm going to hurt you. Is this good?

Jesus and Evil

Jesus was crucified. If He was (and is) a good person, did evil win? He said He came to


those who were lost. After Jesus was crucified and dead, He rose from the dead. Many people don't believe that. They believe He lived and died, and that was it. But to many, they met Him again, and on through the ages people continue to meet Him.

Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword.“Or do you think that I cannot appeal to My Father, and He will at once put at My disposal more than twelve legions of angels?

With Jesus alive again, how did He repay evil? He didn't destroy the world that crucified Him. Instead, He still seeks they that are lost, to be with Him. He still heals the sick, converts enemies, blesses those who curse Him, and all in all, He's still good. Evil didn't beat Him. Evil sought to devour Jesus, but He overcame evil with good.



Evil wins when...

Good stops seeking good. What do we seek? What is your ideal world? Is it pie in the sky? Evil is real, but so is good. When we turn in kindness towards others, good is present. Good can heal.

Evil wins when we're afraid

Where there is fear, there is hostility. We hide from what we fear. We attack what we fear. In fear, we can seek to ensure we are not attacked by attacking first. We can become what we fear.

On through the centuries, some (many) of Jesus's followers have lived in a place of fear. They ultimately have killed in His name, thinking they are protecting Jesus, His reputation, and ultimately protecting themselves. This has resulted in such ugliness and helped create the world we live in.

Evil can't take from you. We have choice. We have good on our side. God seeks our good. If God is all powerful, all wise, and all everything awesome, then He can and will provide for us. Even though we may die, He still wins. Just as Jesus rose from the dead, so may we if we trust in Him

Evil can lose

"Lord Jesus, help us to have the strength to love, to overcome this evil with goodness. Help us to be like you towards each other."

(I don't pretend to act like I have all the answers to evil, but I sincerely believe that Jesus overcame evil with goodness, and so I believe in doing likewise)