In Search of THE Photo Have you ever been out somewhere, totally minding your own business, and out pops someone or something you never expected?

Recently I went on a little day outing to a beach near Malibu. I wanted to be out there for when it got dark, to get photos of the cool rocks with stars. I got there around 2 in the afternoon and slowly explored along the beach. It took me a while to feel like I was making any good photos and I began more and more to enjoy being out there.

As sunset was starting to happen, I began to get caught up at how pretty it was and how I got to be there.


Just One More Photo

After the sun had dipped below the horizon, it began to get dark fairly fast. It was getting to be a bit cold, but I wanted to stay and see stars. But, it was a bit cloudy and stars seemed to be a rarity and so I decided the sunset was enough to enjoy, plus I was getting hungry...time to go! But, I saw something cool and it was time for one more photo.

Images can be interesting. Look below. When you look at the top photo, you see a funny light streak. The scene looks all lit up, you can see almost everything, and there's lots of color. However, what is in this picture and what it was really like.



As you can see, it was fairly dark. In fact, all I could see was a bit of the water to my right, and the lights glowing from the city far off. I liked how it looked like the rock was on fire. So, I stopped to try and get the first photo with a long exposure.

While I waited for the exposure, I just stared at the water, or what I could see of it. As I turned around, I saw someone walking just a few in feet in front of me, coming right at me. He had a headlamp on, and then he passed next to me, apologizing for getting in my shot. He just kept walking. At first I didn't mind, but I felt somewhat startled, since he seemed to come out of nowhere.

Looking at the photo, I could see his trail (the white streak is from his headlamp). I don't know why he came right at me, since it was a wide beach, but all of a sudden I felt vulnerable. I had a few thousand dollars worth of gear on me, and I was alone in the dark, at a now closed beach. So, I felt I had gotten enough and began to hike up the hill. Everything was fine, but I didn't like that feeling of being out like that. But, I'll still go to get THE shot...nervous or not.

Have you ever experienced feeling vulnerable?

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