Perseid Meteor Shower (on weed)

A friend of mine alerted me about the Perseid Meteor shower that was coming in a couple of days. It sounded pretty exciting and I wanted to go see it somehow. As I previously posted, living in Southern California is a challenge for celestial viewing, making me think I should get out far into the desert. It's been a busy week and last night was no different, with work giving me a late night project to work on before I could slip away to the desert. By the time I was done it was already getting a little late for a late night drive. Weariness was setting in. Instead of a two hour drive into the desert, I opted to go up into the San Gabriel mountains that overlook LA. I thought perhaps a higher elevation would help with the light pollution.

Up the Mountain

Looking at Google maps, I figured I would go as far as the San Gabriel Reservoir, thinking it would be higher up and have a cool view with the water.



Little did I think that it would be a bit crowded and not as clear as I would have liked, I found some energy to keep driving up into the mountains. Along the way I would stop and snap some photos in the dark.



I thought the further up I went, the less people there would be. What at first seemed annoying that others were there, I actually came to enjoy hearing people laugh under their weed smoke clouds. I don't (and didn't) smoke, but somehow it furthered the sense that it's time kick back and enjoy the view. Sometimes when I go out to photograph, I don't sit. I'm often worrying or hurrying with the camera, or I'm on the way somewhere else.Even on this night, I forgot to really just look up and watch for shooting stars. I pulled out my folding chair and set up a mini camp with my camera tripod in front of me. Taking in the cool air, the scents of sage and I don't know what else, it was time to just soak and listen.

Then I saw a bright green line streak across the sky and everyone "ooh'd and ahhh'd" loudly in the dark. Of course my camera was pointed in the opposite direction. But I gave it all time and enjoyed it. Thank You Lord for times like this.