Why Do I Travel?


Having just returned from a two-week trip around several European countries, I'm just now beginning to really collect my thoughts and reflections as I pour over my photos. Trips (the physical, not drug induced 😉) can feel like a whirlwind while they are going on. Over the next several weeks I will be sharing some stories from my travels through word and photo. Please join me. Why?

I would like to start with answering a question of why I travel. As much as anyone I enjoy seeing new places, trying new foods, and not being at work. But beyond that, I feel a sort of compulsion to meet people and make new friends across cultural barriers. 

As a photographer, I feel pushed to confront some of my social anxieties in meeting strangers. I'm pushed past my comfort zones. I don't remember when exactly but I believe God spoke to me a direction, "what you're afraid of, go do." This has been photo related, but I'm seeing it as more being over my whole life. I see things, places, and people that intrigue me, but often my shyness holds me back. 


Going to Europe seems tame, but it can be stretching. Language becomes an instant barrier and it forces me to stop and ask for help. I'm a person who would rather be self-sufficient in any way possible. Asking for help has opened many doors to friendships, new experiences, and simply helped me find my way. Asking for help has helped me see Jesus in others. It's OK to be in need of help. It's OK to admit I need help. It's not the end of the world to feel lost. A beautiful aspect I've found in asking for help is that most people have been willing to help. 

The Unknown

I went with some cousins to a museum in Athens and saw this statue. The whole time walking around the museum I was thinking about the Apostle Paul, talking about a shrine to the Unknown God. This statue intrigued me. I like how it shows someone comforting the other. Later, seeing them headless, it struck me how the identity of help is sometimes a mystery. God reaches out to us in so many ways, I often miss Him because I'm looking for something specific. 

I travel to lay myself bare before God, to let God speak to me through His kindness and surprise.