Foodie of the Week: BlackMarket Bakery

It’s Foodie of the Week, where I feature a local restaurant, cafe, or culinary artist. Today’s feature is from the BlackMarket Bakery in Costa Mesa, CA.


Several months ago I saw a series on Netflix called Cooked, with an episode devoted to bread. In it they highlighted the healthiness of artisan bread. Being a lover of bread, the episode convinced me to hunt for artisan bread. I quickly googled for places local to me that make artisan bread, and among the top makers was a place called BlackMarket Bakery. Aside from being one of the only places open, I was drawn by their name and logo. It just looked and sounded cool. It’s since become one of my favorites places to go and I’m glad to share about them.

The Bread


Located in an area that feels hipsterish, I felt nervous. I have nothing against hipsters, but I felt like I was about to empty my wallet for something I could get elsewhere. Entering the bakery, I saw it was laid out in sort of a path. I was instantly drawn to their rack of bread loaves, of which they have many varieties. The loaves were all plump and just beckoning to my palate. They all sounded good and so I got a couple to try. The sourdough is awesome, but my favorites are split between their Dutch Crunch and Artichoke Asiago breads. Flip a coin or buy both, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



Just past the bread is a showcase of pastries that just looked flat out amazing. I shouldn’t be eating any of these, but my resistance to tasty looking food is next to nonexistent. There, I said it! Having said that, I indulged in sweet curiosity and don’t feel bad. From classic cinnamon rolls or a honey cinnamon roll, to rolls smothered in pecans, blueberry muffins, flourless brownies, to so much more, there was no wrong choice. If you have a hankering for something sweet without being overpowered by sugar, BlackMarket Bakery gets the balance just right.


If pastries aren’t on your list, they have sandwiches are also good little breakfasts to enjoy. I ventured into trying one called the Southern Comfort, not because it reminds me of Whisky, but because of the gravy. As a warning, this sandwich is NOT for take out. Split it with a friend.


BlackMarket Bakery also has a full on coffee bar that shouldn’t be missed. To be up front, I’m not the coffee connoisseur that many others are, but I’ve to try variety of coffees from all over the place. As a novice coffee-person, this place stacks up with some of the better I’ve had. I haven’t tried the straight up regular coffees, but have had the cappuccino a few times and keep going back for more. Their lattes are excellent, especially one called Crem-Bru-Latte. Don’t just take my word for it but, it’s both unique and good.

The People

Behind all of the tasty creations are the crew who makes it. They make everything on site daily. The breadmakers pull all-nighters every night to have fresh bread ready every morning. Something really cool is that a lot of the crew learn professional baking here on the job, which I think is a great asset to the community. Recipes come from Rachel the owner. Coming from her, the place has a friendly vibe, which is passed onto her crew, who pass it onto the food they make.