To Greece: By Way of Turkey


Here we are, flying over the edge of Canada and the Atlantic ocean. Travel days on a trip are typically uneventful, mostly filled with lots of sitting and waiting. That's flying...


I'm on a trip to Greece with my parents, a trip they have been planning for quite some time. Originally they wanted the whole family to go, which includes my one brother and his wife, but conflicting schedules didn't allow. Even mine was up in the air, trying to get more freelance work.



My leg of the journey will last two weeks into their month long trip. I'm not sure what to expect. Over the past several years I've grown quite accustomed to traveling alone. I've had my ups and downs, but I've enjoyed the freedom of choice that comes with it. I confess it's made me become somewhat selfish, as evidenced in my adjusting to just simple things like sitting for longer periods of time, while I'd rather go exploring. Perhaps the bigger exercise for me will becoming more comfortable to be myself with other people. I'm along for the ride, but I want to be part of the journey. I hope in sharing the trip, I can enjoy what they enjoy, and share what I enjoy; exploring the world with God and experiencing the wonder of crossing borders, nationally and personally.

We have a layover in Istanbul and my heartstrings are being tugged. Istanbul is a street photographer's paradise (see my long layover). This layover is one hour. Next stop, Athens.