Jane the Bakery


This last weekend I was in San Francisco, visiting family. Early on Saturday morning I woke up in time to watch the sunrise from my room. My family was still asleep and I was getting hungry, so breakfast seemed like it was going to be a while. With a quick Google map search, I saw in nearby walking distance a few bakeries. I was drawn to one Jane the Bakery and started to head over. 

Being in a new place, a quick walk for me includes a little dilly dally if I have my camera. I had my camera. A 15 to 20 minute walk on Google Maps can take longer. Walking through a neighborhood, I was taken by the cool looking houses and the little flowers along the way. San Francisco usually feels like a crowded place to me, but being out early, it was actually quite enjoyable.

First Things First

Finding Jane the Bakery, I was initially just intending for a quick in and out trip to get back to my hotel. The server at the counter greeted me and she was pretty friendly. My mind was still slow from being up too late the night before, and I began looking over everything in the bakery showcase. I did more pointing than speaking, but somehow she understood me when I pointed to coffee and the cardamom bun. My quick take out turned into a sit and enjoy moment

Waking Up

The cardamom bun was amazing. I intended to photograph it after splitting it apart, but the creamy filling and sugar made my finders a little too sticky to be handling a camera. Instead I just had to eat like a normal person, slow and looking out the window. As I looked around, I was amazed at the production going on here. 

As you walk in, there's the bakery show case, with a nearby coffee bar. Just beyond is a large open kitchen where all the goodies are being made by the staff, along with an area devoted to baking fresh breads. I got to talking with the lady (I never got her name, but she will forever be remembered as the girl with blue hair) who served me and I found out they roast their own coffee and bake all the bread here for three locations.

After feeling bashful to ask, I finally asked if I could photograph more of what they were doing. I was allowed and the girl with the blue hair introduced me to Jürgen, the bread maker. He showed me all the bread types he was making and me being a breadfan (inside joke, Metallica, San Francisco...ok nevermind), this was exciting. The oven was impressive as it was huge. 

A few minutes later I got out of kitchen, wanting to get out of their way. It was pretty exciting getting to visit Jane the Bakery and getting to get behind the scenes a bit. I left with a loaf of french sourdough bread called micheI wish them well in the future and encourage you to give them a try next time you're in San Francisco.

Jane the Bakery
1881 Geary Boulevard,
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 658-7971


p.s. their shop doesn't have a formal sign. You'll see the above American icon in their parking lot.