Greece - Street Food: Part 1

Having just returned from a trip to Greece, I noticed I returned an unwanted souvenir of weighing 10 extra pounds. I thought I did a lot of walking, but yes, I did some eating. And eat I did! For many of my previous travels, I never thought it would be interesting to photograph my food, but I’ve changed. This comes from my heart as a compliment; Greek culture is very much a food culture.

 Over the next few days, I want to share some of my menu in Greece.

Time For Meat

I don’t know the official rule, but I believe everyone should be required to eat a souvlaki in Greece. Yes, you can get them in America and they can be made well in America, but in Greece they’re a few notches above awesome. Whether it’s a mental thing or something quantifiable, don’t worry, they’re just good. 

Near to where I was staying with my uncle in Petroupoli, a local delight is called Ionio. They don’t open until 6 in the evening and the only thing they serve is souvlaki. They serve them right (hot and fresh) and they serve them cheap. They have the columns of meat to shave the meat into a freshly toasted pita bread. Topped off with simple toppings of tzatziki, tomato, and friench fries, you’re golden. At least, I was golden. Being a 2 minute walk from home, they recognized me when I came in. I personally thought of Ionio as the In’n’Out of souvlaki. It’s all they did, they did it right, and the place was always packed.