What is your photography style?

When it comes to style, my approach often depends on the subject. For people and events, candid photojournalistic style is my cup of tea. With portraits I love to convey a connection with the person in the photo. I believe in emoting emotion in an image. With product and food photography, my goal is to make you want what is in the image. Working as a professional product photographer for over 14 years, I know how to communicate a premium look with a simplistic approach.

What is your philosophy with photography?

Passion for Excellence My passion with photography starts with a personal drive for excellence. This applies to my personal art as well as to my clients.

Clients My goal in photography isn’t just to make a nice portfolio, but to put the client first.

Creativity Each person, place, event, and moment are unique.

Do you do destination SHOOTS?

Yes with a capital YES! My passport is always ready.

How much photoshop do you do?

With an AA degree in graphic design, I love to work in Photoshop. I’m comfortable in doing touch-ups, removing objects from backgrounds, and doing all sorts of fun tricks. At the same time, I believe in trying to stay in the realm of natural. I rely on the fundamentals of photography to achieve a great photo.

What type of camera gear do you use?

While learning on film and in the darkroom, I use digital cameras. I’m experienced in studio, on-location, with a huge lighting set-up, to just using natural light.