Looking Up



Isolation by headphones, by window, by car, by bars, by race, by place, by pace

Looking up

Hope is equal, available, free, deserved, colorful, shareable, wonderful, yours, ours

Break the silence, look up

Sitting on a street corner, I noticed a lot of people both hurrying and sitting. The moving were in cars, buses, on bikes, walking, and riding on skateboards. Those sitting were waiting at red lights, waiting for the bus, sitting by windows at a restaurant, or watching cars in private lots. One thing I noticed is how crowded this place is, and yet, it feels so isolated. This is Los Angeles, the City of Angels. The separation came from windows, cell phones, headphones, glass, clothes, the modes of transportation, and the sense of needing to be somewhere else. With the busyness of the area, it was quiet. It all felt set in stone. As I looked up, I noticed the big beautiful blue sky above everyone. No one was looking up. I wondered with the idea of interactive distraction. Everything is built and set up to move us along to somewhere else, or to set us apart. Looking up to the sky, I saw what isn’t built stretches everywhere, and is there for everyone. Looking up, there is hope that is available to all, equal to all, a hope that is colorful, a hope that is both yours and ours, a hope that is deserved and provided. Do we stop to notice? Rich, poor, busy, at rest, hope is present. Do we dare look beyond what we build? Look up, find hope.