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“If a friend calls you on the telephone and says they're lost on Martin Luther King Boulevard and they want to know what they should do, the best response is ‘Run!’” - Chris Rock

Over the past several years, anywhere I travel I look for a streets named after Martin Luther King Jr. They are all over the place in both the US and in many other countries. I look for them, first because he’s someone who I highly admire. It started with just photographing the street signs, but has expanded (inspired by the Chris Rock quote) to see what’s on these streets and the surrounding neighborhoods. With that, I want to meet people who live there, find out why the street is named after Dr. King, and put everything together in a book to share with others. So far I have visited over 20, in places around California, New York, Germany, Jerusalem, and most recently Chicago (see photo below).

Using various map searches, I have made a huge list of more I would like to visit and discover. Most are in the US, but one goal is to visit and explore an MLK street in every continent.

Would you consider partnering with me? I need financial assistance to help make this project a completed reality. With help in travel costs, I can dedicate more time to have it all finished within a year. I travel cheap, but I still need help. Financial support will go to helping with flights, car rentals, bus rides, and places to stay. Along with the travel, I will need financial help to produce the book and market it appropriately.


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Current Status

  • I'm currently mapping out a plan for a budget, time map, and a map itself
  • Looking at starting in New Orleans and going through some Southern States in the Fall. Some international countries I'm currently looking at are Chile
  • Building a KickStarter Campaign to get backers.


Meet Bunny

Finding Martin Luther King Jr. Drive on the map, I went to see what I could find. On the train, I was confused on where I had to switch from a red-line to the green-line. I turned to ask someone sitting near me for help and a man offered directions to help.