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Turkey Trip 2017

Partner with John to Turkey in Summer of 2017


In just a few days, I am traveling to Turkey with a group from my church to serve Syrian refugees who have fled from their homes to escape the violence. We will work in Istanbul and Ankara with local outreaches that provide meals to refugees through a soup kitchen, as well as other service projects. I am both excited and nervous to go. The Syrian refugee crisis has been deep in my heart since I visited refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon a few years ago. I’ve been praying and looking for ways to help people displaced by the war.

Seeing Up Close

Photography gives me a unique lens to capture refugees’ stories and share them with my community. I plan to capture as many refugee stories as possible while I’m in Turkey.

Photographing their stories brings dignity to people who have gone through hell. As I learn to listen to and love people who are very different from me, I can invite others to do the same. Seeing faces, not statistics creates empathy and inspires us to take compassionate action on behalf of the disenfranchised. Sharing these stories is essential to our global community, and I’m grateful to help others expand their hearts as they engage with the photos I take during this trip.

Refugee children from Jordan

My Vision

First thing, I want to be a blessing to the team that is going, and to be a blessing those we will be serving. More than just photographing, it's personal to be face to face with those who are hurting. With that, my goal is also to do a portrait series with those we serve.

When I return from Turkey, I plan to assemble an artful photo book with stories of the people we meet. I’ll also be doing research on reputable charities at the front lines of the refugee crisis. The book will be available for purchase, and the proceeds of the book will go to support them. Often photos say what words can only begin to describe, and the book will further tell stories that need to be told.

How You Can Partner With Me

There are several ways you can partner with me to help bring refugee stories to light.

  1. Pray for our team:

    1. Turkey has had several terrorist attacks this year, so please pray for safety.

    2. Pray that we could serve local outreaches well and bring hope to people who have seen immense darkness.

    3. Pray that God leads me to people He wants to highlight, whose stories He wants me to tell with my camera.

The trip cost is $2500 with flights, hotels and meals. I still need $1100 to afford the trip, and we leave in just two weeks! Would you consider partnering with me and our team? You can make a donation with the Paypal button below. Any amount is helpful, and I’m so grateful. Your support will make it possible for me to tell these stories and create a global impact through charitable partnerships.

As a thank you, for donations of $75 or more, you’ll receive a copy of the photobook.

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Thank you!

Stay Connected

During the trip I’ll be blogging whenever there is internet access. You can follow my trip on Facebook and Instagram