Vans US Open of Surf: 2017

Sage Erickson, winner of the Van's US Open of Surf

Sage Erickson, winner of the Van's US Open of Surf


It started at 4am...

In the wee hours of the morning after getting back from Turkey, I was wide awake at 4am. Annoyance hit at my inability to sleep. I vaguely remembered that the Van US Open Surf competition had started the day before. I quickly got my camera together and shot off to the beach.

6am and it's still dark, I found myself walking near the Huntington Beach Pier, got overloaded nearby on an omelette for breakfast, and now I was ready. A few years prior I had gotten into surf photography, going out early on my mornings to enjoy watching surfers and the ocean. Mostly I have been photographing anonymous people, but I have been slowly learning the names of some pros who would surf at the Vans Open. Carissa Moore, Filipe Toledo, they became my favorites and they would be at this year's event. 

Here is a collection of images featuring Carissa Moore, Filipe Toledo, Johanne Defay, Sage Erickson (who won the women's tournament), and many others who's names I didn't catch.